AI Event PhotoAbraham Improv is an exploration of the Law of Attraction and Art of Allowing Abraham principles to help integrate them into our everyday lives. The intention is to enjoy playful transformation through practicing together in community. This naturally bringing us to sustain living more from a place of opportunity, rather than the problem,  a way of living that Esther Hicks excitedly added to her three basic steps, calling it  Step Four.

History: Ann was attracted to a Maui Improvisation flyer with the captions “The Art of Allowing” and “How to Make Your Partner Look Good!”  While intuiting Mark Beltzman’s class was based upon Abraham,  Ann took his class and indeed observed the Abraham principles within Mark’s offering. He later confirmed he was a follower of Abraham. Ann shared her vision of Abraham Improv with Maui’s leading Abraham/Law of Attraction teacher, Teri Mister who joined her to study with Mark and other top Master Improvisation teachers in the Country,  visiting Maui including  Michael Burton, Louis Kornfeld, David Razowksky, Rachel Hamilton, Jill Bernard, Michael Gellman and Tom McNamara.

Ann developed and created a fun, lively Abraham practice with the principles made explicit utilizing principles of Improvisation. Together with Teri, who had been studying  and leading weekly meeting in her home for twenty years, we began teaching Abraham Improv. We are enormously grateful for the work of Esther and Jerry Hicks bringing forth the Law of Attraction teachings of Abraham.





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