Abraham Improv Winter 2016

Abraham Improv Ohana

Winter Session 2015
Expanding our ability for empowered choices:
*Know who You truly are
*Accomplish 68 seconds of pure thought
*Use the power of emotions as your guidance system to:
-Allow life to unfold versus make it happen
-Increase clarity of what you want
-Drop judging emotions as right or wrong
-Shift disempowering beliefs
-Increase synchronicities
-Experience More Joy!
4 Weeks (Jan 14, 21, 18, Feb 4); Thursdays 7-9 pm
Private Home on Maui
7-9 p

CALL To Register and  For Directions:
Teri 891-2494; Ann 268-5724;

4 Class Series: $100 in advance, ($120 at the door)

Faciltated by:
Teri Mister creator of Transformational Truth Technique™ and facilitator of weekly Abraham groups for almost 20 years. Teri helps transform old patterns, perceptions and beliefs to ones that create a reality based in love. Contact her at 808-891-2484 or

Ann Paquin Intuitive Soul Coach and Enneagram Teacher providing transformational tools; coaching, healing movement and facilitation for your big dreams and desires. For more love, happiness and success contact her at 808-268-5724,;

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