Ann & Teri


AI headshotAnn is an Intuitive Soul Coach and Teacher of the Enneagram.   She is a Resonance Healing® practitioner. In addition to Abraham Improv, Ann created Resonance Dance™, as well as a community site for embodying an attitude of gratitude, called Dancing Gratitude where everyone is invited to participate on a  Gratitude Forum. She has intensively studied many transformational traditions, including Dancemeditation advanced teacher training , the Mastery School of Womanly Arts and Black Belt Nia Teacher.



Teri Mister is the Founder and Creator of Transformational Truth Technique, a healing practice that helps people align with their True Essence.  Teri has hosted Abraham meetups in her home for nearly 20 years. Teri is an alchemist extraordinaire! She is proficient at transmuting fear-based realities to love based realities. She is adept at identifying old beliefs, perceptions, patterns and energies that keep creating realities based in fear. Through learning how to completely love and accept yourself even in the midst of fear based programming, she can lovingly and playfully assist you in transforming your perceptions, freeing yourself from bondage and creating and relaxing into a love based reality. This helps you to see that’s all there ever was.  She is a Reiki Master, studied and assisted teaching Kalos  for nine years, (a healing modality using  ten priorities to uncover the cause of disease), studied  hypnotherapy and has integrated and taught dousing to facilitate healing.



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