Read  Feedback Below from participants from our first Abraham Improv class.  Join us for our upcoming 4 week session starting January 14, 2016!

“Here’s a tablespoon of feedback to add to your breakfast: Last night was transformational.”

“Something really clicked for me last night. Feels like previously I had a lot of the pieces and you held the energy of how to make it cohesive and fun.”

“I came home and practiced holding the manifestation energy for extended periods of time.  This morning I woke up in such a great mood. I am almost bouncing off the walls.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for your inspiration and guidance.”

“Thanking each emotion was brilliant. I viscerally felt the ease of appreciating all emotions.”

“Tonight’s 34 seconds was a game changer with powerful shares from everyone. Crazy powerful.”

“This epiphany is so juicy that I am writing you at 3:00 am, as soon as I had this realization. The miracle I just received was the realization that I am not being present with myself! My previous lack of a strong presence is why my thoughts were running amok. At this moment I feel very grounded.”

“This class helped me get clear on what I wanted. I have more discussions on what is possible and am shifting beliefs.  Understanding and not judging my emotions was really big. This is helping me catch things early. I’m practicing this in my relationships.”